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Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on Bobby Michaels

Subject: Re: Bobby's Heart Surgery Tomorrow!

Bobby's heart surgery is scheduled at approximately 5 PM tomorrow evening (Tuesday) LOCAL BANGKOK TIME.

This is 3 AM PST, 4 AM MST, 5 AM CST, and 6 AM EST.
I urge you to do one of the following:

- Pray before you go to bed this evening
- Set your alarm for your particular time zone to be up and praying at the time of Bobby's surgery.

Again, this surgery is extremely risky, but to the Maker of Bobby's heart, there is NO risk! The family has requested that we pray specifically that:

- the Lord would prepare Bobby's heart condition to accept treatment
- Bobby's body would respond positively to the anesthetics
- the Lord would give the family the grace to wait patiently during the time of his surgery
- a renewed heart condition would lead to the healing of his other organs and strengthen his body

Deby and I echo the words of Rachel, Bobby and Lee's daughter:
Thank you for standing with us during this critical time. We love each of you and trust you will hear Bobby's beautiful testimony from his own lips in the months to come!

Praying with great expectancy for Bobby's complete healing,
Kirk Dearman

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