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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please Pray for the Bobby Michaels Family

Message from Lee and Rachel...

Our hearts are aching as we tell you that Bobby passed away this evening shortly after going into the operating room. Before the surgeons started the operation, Bobby's heart stopped with an instant "flat-line". The medical team tried for 45 minutes to resuscitate him but his heart did not respond.

We are deeply saddened by our loss...but rejoice that Bobby did get totally healed...with a new heart, kidneys, and any other part that might have needed fixing. The Lord knew the plans He had for Bobby...and today was his graduation day as he went to the One he loved the most and served so faithfully. We know he was carried away in the arms of Jesus.

Words cannot express our thanks for all the love, prayers, and notes of encouragement that have come to us by everyone who have been touched by Bobby's life. Our prayer for all of you is that you will experience the same peace and comfort that we have received from the Father.

We will let you know of memorial plans once these details have made. Thank you again for all of the love and prayers for our family.

We love you all deeply!

Lee, Rachel, and Jeff


Ken said...

I join you in mourning the loss of Bobby - he was an incredible friend and mentor.

I recommend reading John Fischer's comments on Bobby here:

Princess Ponderings said...

I agree, Ken. John Fischer's "blog" about Bobby's death are moving. He knew him well, so was more able than most of us to identify. Bobby will be missed. Thank God for men like John Fischer to pick up the mantle and keep on walking.