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Monday, July 16, 2007

Lessons on the "Family Vacation" ~ II

I learned that even on a cloudy day, black sand can be hot. After spending a great day touring the Redwoods at Muir Woods National Forest in the San Francisco area we happened upon Muir Beach. The kids wanted to go to the beach so we stopped. The sand was a gorgeous black color. We ran to the beach and threw our shoes off and promptly put them back on. Did you know that black sand really (did I say really?) absorbs (and retains) heat? WOW!!!
I have learned (again) that sunscreen is always required when children play outside even if it is a cloudy day. After a wonderful day in the Bay area, we drove down the coast on Pacific Coast Highway 1, stopping along the way to enjoy the sites. Bram had taken me to Morro Bay Beach right after we married. He remembered camping there as a kid. As I sat bundled in a blanket on the sand (it was about 70 degrees) the kids romped and played in the water. I didn't even think about sunscreen with the overcast day. All three were thoroughly sunburned on their precious faces. Leave it to Mom!

I have learned that good friends are ALWAYS good friends when it comes right down to it. (Thanks Gran, Paul & Elisabeth, Gary & Roxanne (yummy WonTon!), Tony & Laura, Glen & Lanie, Tom & Lori, Great Gran, Mike & Laura, Kris & Anne, Brian & Karen, and, of course, Papa for your amazing hospitality) We were well cared for (and fed) on our trip!

I also learned that going on vacation is a LOT of fun, but getting home is the most wonderful part of it all. It's great to be home!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lessons on the "Family Vacation" ~ I

Our family of 5 has been traveling for the past two weeks in a car. It's a wonder someone is not seriously injured! LOL!! We are normally accustomed to traveling in our suburban. However, the a/c is out and that makes going across TX and the desert of AZ, CA and NV an impossibility. The car is a nice car and quite comfortable, but has, (compared to the spread-out-ability of our suburban), significantly closer quarters and somehow seems to make elbows quite a bit sharper than usual. I'm just hoping it lends itself to learning humility with-in ourselves and patience with each other. It would seem that every offense is multiplied in intensity and every kindness lessened. I'm wondering how I teach my children these valuable lessons when I, myself, am unable to learn them very quickly. I keep hearing my tone of voice in them and I often feel like I'm failing miserably as their mother. My husband assures me I'm not, and I also know that if I listen closely to the voice of God, he's telling me the same thing.

It is amazing the things God uses to teach us about ourselves. This road trip with my family has been a wealth of lessons and insight into myself. I'm praying I assimilate them all quickly and easily into daily life. Not just when I get home, but while we still have two more weeks of time together in the car.

God's creativity

My son, reminded me yesterday while looking out the car window that "God has done a wonderful creation...just for us!" I was astounded at his insight and wisdom. God has done it just for us. Our world could be plain and boring, but I don't think God is capable of either. He chose to go all out, use every color imagineable and fill the canvas of our world with beauty and wonder. I'm thankful, not just because it's pretty, but because God was thinking of me when He created it all AND because He used my son to remind me of that truth.