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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Canon Scott

Some things never change!

Our baby boy turns FIVE today.  I know this is cliche' but it's really hard to believe that just over five years ago he wasn't in our lives.  He was a promise, a mystery.  NOW...he's all over the place.  Bram and I are so grateful to God for all of our kids, but Canon stole all of our hearts.  Hook, line and sinker!  We were smitten and still are.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

This morning I spent about an hour and a half with three beautiful women of God. We prayed together. Just prayed. For our children and husbands that God would strengthen them for His calling in their lives. For our children to learn to listen to His voice as they navigate the waters of schoolwork and friendships.

We prayed for our local schools and teachers, administrators, volunteers, custodial workers, aids and parents. We prayed for protection from the attacks of the enemy on our children and that his plans would not come to fruit in our schools. We prayed for children in public schools to have a boldness of faith and courage to stand when called to stand for Christ.

We prayed for teachers called to teach on foreign soil. Called to make a difference where the resources are scarce and sometimes unavailable all together. Where, many times they are breaking the law to teach someone to read and write. We prayed for their safety and constant dependence on God. We also prayed for teachers here in the United States that are called to teach foreign students who have come here for a better life and education. People from other cultures and backgrounds. Teachers called to the world that has been brought to us.

It was a privilege to pray with these women. The first of many Saturdays we will spend together praying. Asking God to prick our hearts for the things He loves. Asking Him to change us in the process. To link our hearts with His - to bring Him glory.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beauty in the middle of the weeds

A Zinnia has pushed its way up through the chaos and tangle of weeds that used to be a flower bed.  I thought they were all gone - choked out by neglect.  Yet, it was determined.  That beautiful flower.  Like a poignant reminder of God's grace.  God's ever present grace that always pushes through the chaos and tangled mess we call our lives.  His grace and beauty find their way up through the hard, neglected soil of our lives and then - life - real life - springs up.  Reminding.  Drawing.  Loving.  Making what once looked neglected have purpose.  Making even the weeds around it look lovely.

There it stands.  Defiant beauty.  Surrounded by weeds.  And I'm reminded (again) that is exactly how God sees me.  Defiant beauty.  Standing with weeds all around.  Yet He is at work to cultivate that beauty - His beauty - in me.  And I am grateful.