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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Sound of Jibberish

As I sit here at my computer, Facebooking, I can hear my youngest son "singing" himself to sleep in the next room. It's still the jibberish of a 7 month old, but it makes me smile. It makes me wonder...does my worship of God sometimes sound like jibberish? Does it makes God smile? I believe He smiles at all our attempts to praise, however feeble the attempt may be. He just wants to hear our voice lifted to Him. Today, I will endeavor to worship Him in all I do. This morning I put on a pot of beans for our Home Group Bible Study tonight. I can worship while I do that. When the baby wakes up from the sleep he sang himself into, I'll change his diaper and snuggle him a bit. That is most definitely a time of worship. Our worship stems from a simple act of serving others with a pot of beans or just being thankful for a precious gift He's given. I guess it's all about the heart. "Father, let my service to my family and others be a sweet aroma of Worship to YOU."

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