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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Counting Down...SIX weeks to go!

I can hardly believe we only have six weeks until our baby arrives. It seems so unreal to me. I'm alternately thrilled and excited to be done with this phase of the process AND half terrified at the next step. Having baby in the house is going to be a huge adjustment for me. I've grown used to my kids being so independent, able to take care of themselves (for the most part). Perhaps I've become lazy. ;-) I like that they can do things without me having to get up off my comfy couch.

It's going to be a huge adjustment for the rest of the family, too. New sounds to get used to, new routines to get into, and new smells to figure out. Some better than others... Yes, we are all excited about a new little one in our home.

I wonder, though, am I ready for how this is going to change me? My heart has already expanded to include three other "mini-me" personalities. Is there really room for another? Let's face it, we're all selfish in some areas of our lives, many of those areas I've had to clean out over the years and re-clean out as children came along and as they grew to challenge the status quo of "ME". What area will be next? What selfish part of me will I have to lay on the altar before God and let Him burn it up with His fire of change? Who will this baby help me to become? Again, I'm alternately thrilled and terrified at the unknown. Of one thing I am completely sure..."He that began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it until Christ comes back." (Phil. 1:6)

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