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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Gentle "Nudge"

My precious husband reminded me last night that I haven't posted on my blogspot for a while. "Got anything to say?", he asks... "Not sure", I respond. The truth is, I've got plenty to say, I just haven't had the time I'd like to have to sit down and write. Even now, I'm on my lunch "minute" at school trying frantically to write something that might encourage AND make sense. As I write, I can hear the 1st (my class) and 2nd graders in the gym playing kick-ball; their daily ritual at lunch break. My mind is a bit of a jumble. "What's new?", say those of you who know me well... Pray for clarity of mind and thought. I know God has been speaking to me, gently nudging me (as my husband did) about the foundation my life is built on. I want it to be completely Christ and His Word. I want to help build that foundation in my children and students. I can do nothing of real value if my life is not built entirely on Jesus Christ. If my foundation is not built on the Rock, I cannot survive the storms that come my way. (Luke 6) That's my prayer for today and each day.

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