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Friday, August 3, 2007


I originally thought when I began this whole blogging "thing" that I'd be so consistent and that I'd have some really insightful things to write. It seems I was overconfident in my abilities to come up with anything on a daily basis. I think my problem is, I want to sound wise and look really smart to those who read this. I want to have great insights that will spur the reader on to great things. Not so sure that's going to happen.

I think vacation took a lot of steam out of me. Gone for a month in a car with my husband and three kids (see Lessons on a Family Vacation I & II) was fun but quite tiring. On the way home (could it not wait until we GOT home?...) we got news that our horse may have been bitten by a snake. One of her back legs was extremely swollen and she wasn't wanting to get up. Those of you that know horses, know that when they don't want to get up, it can be devastating. Thanks to some good friends and caretakers, she got up and a vet was able to see her right away. Turns out, prayer works! We began to pray that God would heal Daizy and take the swelling down. He did and she's doing well. Thank the LORD!

We got home late that Saturday night and fell into bed as soon as we could. Sunday morning Bram woke early to drive 45 minutes to lead worship at a church while their usual guy was gone for the day. I took the kids to our church and then we had lunch with my mom and grand-mom afterward. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry to get our oldest daughter ready to go to Camp the next day. Now she's back and the other two went for their week-end camp at the same encampment. All had a great time. It's exciting, to me, for them to be going to the same camp I went to as a child and teen. My prayer has been that they would come to know Him better there, as I did.

My mind is now turning to what I need to get done to get my classroom ready to start school in two weeks. I'm asking God for wisdom to lead the children. My prayer for the last two years has been that I can help my students to understand that God is so "taken" with them. That He loves them unconditionally; that He made them amazingly and miraculously. I will continue to pray that prayer and ask Him for new insights into each little life and their families. I have, more and more begun to realize the privilege God has given me to speak into the lives of these families and their children. I pray He continues to give me wisdom in that area.

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