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Monday, July 16, 2007

Lessons on the "Family Vacation" ~ II

I learned that even on a cloudy day, black sand can be hot. After spending a great day touring the Redwoods at Muir Woods National Forest in the San Francisco area we happened upon Muir Beach. The kids wanted to go to the beach so we stopped. The sand was a gorgeous black color. We ran to the beach and threw our shoes off and promptly put them back on. Did you know that black sand really (did I say really?) absorbs (and retains) heat? WOW!!!
I have learned (again) that sunscreen is always required when children play outside even if it is a cloudy day. After a wonderful day in the Bay area, we drove down the coast on Pacific Coast Highway 1, stopping along the way to enjoy the sites. Bram had taken me to Morro Bay Beach right after we married. He remembered camping there as a kid. As I sat bundled in a blanket on the sand (it was about 70 degrees) the kids romped and played in the water. I didn't even think about sunscreen with the overcast day. All three were thoroughly sunburned on their precious faces. Leave it to Mom!

I have learned that good friends are ALWAYS good friends when it comes right down to it. (Thanks Gran, Paul & Elisabeth, Gary & Roxanne (yummy WonTon!), Tony & Laura, Glen & Lanie, Tom & Lori, Great Gran, Mike & Laura, Kris & Anne, Brian & Karen, and, of course, Papa for your amazing hospitality) We were well cared for (and fed) on our trip!

I also learned that going on vacation is a LOT of fun, but getting home is the most wonderful part of it all. It's great to be home!

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