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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Heart

My heart is and has been for a long time, to really convince women of their amazing value and beauty in Christ. Psalm 139:14 tells me that "I am amazingly and miraculously made". I teach first grade at a Christian school and I tell my students that almost daily. At some point, I'm not sure when, I began to believe it about myself. Oh how He loves me. When I think of the God of the Universe becoming a man and willingly giving Himself over to die in my place...I'm blown away. If He would die for can I not live for Him?

Chris Tomlin sings, "How can I keep from singing Your praise? How can I ever say enough? How amazing is Your LOVE. How can I keep from shouting Your Name? I know I am loved by The KING and it makes my heart wanna sing!" I love that song. I can't keep from crying every time I hear it on the radio or in worship at church. I am humbled by His great love for me. Me, a wife, mother, first grade teacher...Daughter of the King. What an amazing thought.

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