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Monday, June 25, 2007

Homemade Cherry Jam

Today my mom and I made some homemade cherry jam. As we made the jam, we had to boil and mash the cherries and then pick out the pits. There are a lot of pits in 3 pounds of cherries!
It took a lot of boiling and mashing and picking to get them all out, but the result was beautiful jars of cherry jam. I think life can be like making cherry jam. God allows things to"boil" and "mash" us so the pits can rise to the top and be picked out. It makes for a beautiful life when it's all said and done.

The best part of today was that I got to spend most of it with my mom. I love doing that. She's an amazing woman of great strength. She takes care of my 97 year old grandmom daily and doesn't complain. She took care of my dad 24 hours a day as he was dying of leukemia and never once asked for time off. She serves out of a great capacity to love. She has been boiled and mashed quite a bit in her life. The result is beautiful. I pray I can love like that when called upon.


diamond said...


I just read your Blog more closly this time. I have yet to sit one up but will.

Love the page
GB (since you are not aware after much thought diamond is my Blog name) my page will explain why i choose that one.

Anastasia Filippova said...

what a sweet comment and I love the metaphor of the cherry jam and a person's life. thank you for that enlightnment and a little inspiration as I go make my cherry jam right now. First timer...and I'm not mashing mine. Hope it works:)