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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We celebrated Nanny's 100th birthday last week.  How amazing is that.  She wasn't feeling well, but still wanted to be with us all for a bit to have cake and Dr.Pepper (her favorite).  Tonight we got a call from my uncle that we may be saying goodbye to her this week.  The Dr. says he's done all he can do to help her short of putting her in the hospital for IV fluids and such.  She wouldn't want that.  It would only prolong the inevitable and upset her terribly.  So now we wait.  My Momma will go up and be with her tomorrow morning.  I'm not even really sure how to pray right now.  I don't want her to suffer a prolonged wait.  I know she's ready to be with Jesus and to see my Guy-Gan again.  She loves them both so.  I will miss her, but I already do.  She has slowly slipped into the quiet of the years and has become less and less like the Nanny I grew up loving.  I pray I can honor her with the right kind of grief.  The kind that brings glory to the God she loves and the kind that teaches my children that it's okay to love with abandon.  I will miss my Nanny, but I will rejoice in her home-going.

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Coach Sheryl said...

Sandy, how blessed you've been to have her for so long. So neat that your children will have some memories of a great grandma! I'll be praying she goes to heaven very peacefully and that you will experience God's comfort even though you will be sad as you say goodbye for now.