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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Commited Adultery Lately?

I was reading in Proverbs 7 today.  I have to be honest, I really didn't think it applied to me.  I mean, I'm NOT going to commit adultery.  I could never hurt my husband or family like that.  I also thought, I could never stray THAT far from God.  But as I prayed over these verses, I began to realize that it isn't necessarily talking about the sexual kind of adultery.  I know what the definition of adultery is, but, I had to consider what other areas of my life that I commit adultery.  I began to think of the things that draw me away and entice me to "ignore" and "neglect" my relationship with God. What other sins do I get into bed with?  What do I do with my time, my energy?  What do my attitudes reflect?  I do struggle in these areas. 

What are things that draw us away from a committed relationship with Jesus?
     ~Time:  computer (where I struggle the most), t.v., books that don't honor Him and plant seeds of sin in our minds, shopping, even time with others can keep us from the time He deserves.

     ~Energy:  pursuing selfish ambitions, working too late (time away from our family and/or Him), worry, fear.  What things occupy us so much that they sap our very energy away? 

     ~Attitudes:  arrogance, bitterness, anger, selfishness, flattery?

All of these areas, plus some I'm sure I haven't thought of, can be the "Adulteress" that entices us and draws us away from our True Love.  The Bible says this path leads to destruction.  You see, if we haven't "bound His commands on our fingers & written them on the tablet of our hearts" (Prov. 7:3), we can easily be flattered and enticed away to "her house".  Verse 27 says, "it's the way to hell, even descending to the chambers of death."  I don't know what you think about that, but it down right scares me!  Song of Solomon tells us to "beware the little foxes that spoil the vineyard".  Little things draw us away a bit at a time.  Self-righteous attitudes convince us we're untouchable.  We're not, we must be on our guard.  

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