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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Okay, I'm getting fatter!

Well, I can no longer wear my jeans. I tried to. I even tried to use a rubber band on the button and loop it through the button hole and back to the button. But it's just too uncomfortable. So, I went to Walmart and bought me some maternity pants. They're fine and even cute, but how can I be "fat" when I'm only 13 weeks along? I've gotten some really cute clothes from my friend, Vanessa, but I've put off wearing them for as long as I can. How is it that my body just (seemingly) all of a sudden, decided to shift every bit of fat I already had on my body to my stomach? What a mystery this whole pregnancy thing. With my first, I didn't wear maternity clothes until I was in my 6th month. With my 2nd...about the same. With my third, quite a bit sooner. I think it was my 4th month. But this little guy has me all wrapped up in month three. Oh well... Why would I want to hide such a beautiful thing? No, I'm not posting any uncovered belly pix so don't get all excited. Don't get me wrong pregnant bellies are wonderful, but if you've taken such pix please keep them to yourselves. I love your pregnant belly, just covered. I guess I'm not hip. ;-) Oh well, I'll leave that to the "younger" moms.

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