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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Cat's out of the Bag!

We found out on Wednesday (1/9/08) that my "stomach bug" is actually a baby. WOW!! What a surprise. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. So, baby Floria #4 will arrive sometime in early August. (9th or 10th) What an amazing God we serve! With all three of our older children we never had a sonogram done. So actually seeing this little one was pretty amazing. Both Bram & I cried the whole time. I think we even made the nurse cry. How precious is that. When we told the kids, they absolutely went bananas! It was so fun to watch them get excited about it. They could hardly sleep that night with excitement. Better than Christmas. The next morning they could hardly wait to get to school to tell their friends. It's been quite and exciting few days.

Reality has also set in quickly, as well. We realize that this news changes everything about who we thought we were as a family. Time for re-thinking and re-evaluating. We're confident that God has a plan and a purpose, we just don't know what on earth it could be right now. We also realize that we have nothing (did I say NOTHING) for a baby. So, I'm sure, the next few months will be filled with gathering, and shopping and buying everything baby we'll need.

So...stay tuned. The saga of this Princess is only getting more interesting with time. No telling what God will do next.

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Michele said...

I have a crib and cradle...of course I hope to use them again myself someday...i'm willing to loan them out! :)