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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Marriage has been "Confirmed"

Recently I joined Facebook. A lot of my friends are on and it's a fun way to keep up with each other. We've been "poking" each other and sending smiley faces and various other things. I've realized I could spend WAY too much time on Facebook if I'm not careful. One of the funniest things happened just the other day. I was editing my "Personal Info" when I updated my marital status as "Married". Bram is also on Facebook so I was sent a message that I'd have to wait for that relationship to be "confirmed by Bram Floria" before it could be posted. I waited... No confirmation. I waited some more, when finally I received and notice that the relationship had been confirmed by Bram Floria and that I am (in fact) married to Bram. Our marriage was "confirmed". You can imagine my relief.

I think there are many days when we're in need of confirmation from those we love. My prayer for you today is that you will spend some time confirming your relationships and affirming those you love.

Happy Day!

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